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Medical Examinations

We perform a wide range of medical examinations such as Colonoscopy, Gastrocele and others.

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SNS (National Health Service)


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Ophthalmologic Examinations

Ophthalmologic Examinations - Dr. Dina Drogas, Dr. Mónica Azevedo and Dr. Sónia Barão.

Examinations - Orthoptic Evaluations and Treatments, Eye Examination, Colorimetry, Autorefractor for Children, Visual Fields, Coordimetry, Ocular Ultrasound, Auto fluorescence, Ocular Angiography, Specular Microscopy, Retinal Scan, G.D.X, O.C.T (Optical Coherence Tomography). Corneal Topography, Corneal Pachymetry.

Other examinations

  • Electrophysiological Examinations (PEV/ ERG / EOG) 
  • Hearing Test (Gaes)
Clínica Mediev-Serviços Médicos e Enfermagem
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Horta das Figueiras - Medical Examinations

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